February 14

first day of highschool

The first day of high school is nerve racking, you feel like your never going to find your way around and never going to make new friends, but this is not true, pretty quickly you get used to your new routine and start feeling like you belong to your new school.Even though that person you sat next to, on the first day at the welcoming assembly seemed super confident, they were most probably feeling the same as you, even the teachers will be feeling nervous!

So just say hi to people you meet and you will find that you make friends very quickly and easily.

September 3

Under water mansion or castle

You have the choice between under water mansion or a castle, which do you choose?

Personally I would choose an under water mansion

Water Mansion

depending on how deep the water was for example if it was 20 meters below sea level then It would be harder to go shopping

Also if it was in the sea the metal would corrode.

Also the door would have to be above the water so that you could open it without getting water in your house

There might be flooding sometimes which will block you in to your house.

But the upside would be being able to see creatures float by

Being able to swim whenever you wanted to and not many intruders trying to rob you


It would be big and take a lot of people to clean it

It would be big and accsesible probably and intruders would come

I would be able to go shopping to get food more easily.

It would not have as much a risk of flooding

Over all a castle would probably be safer but I personally would like the excitement of the under water mansion best How about you?

You can answer in the comments.




September 3

100 word challenge

The story of 3 months ago ,on my thirteenth birthday ,my parents got me a super Mario game.

Anyway I  kind of got into the game ,like literally and next thing I know there’s a Guy who looks like Mario staring at me . We got chatting and then suddenly I hear a horn and he says, “quickly hide the bloopers are coming .”

Meanwhile, I didn’t hide so I got thrown into prison .

I fell asleep and suddenly I got thrown back into the human world .I thought I was imagining it but I have a coin and mushroom to prove it.


May 25

The student blogging challenge post about my family

The student blogging challenge called for me to write a post about my family.

I don’t know much about my dads side of the family the only people I know about who are still alive are : my great grandmother (Don’t know her name), my dads father Masahiro or (Andy), my dads mother Eiko, and finally my dad (Kota) himself.

My Dad has no siblings.

I don’t know what any of my dads family like to do but I do know my father loves computers.

On my Mother (Florence) side I know that her mother was related to Arthur Fitger a famous German painter  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Fitger  and that way back they owned the fitger brewing company  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitger_Brewing_Company The only other people in my family who have kept that last name is My great uncle Heinrech or Heino who has a wife called christiana and they had two children/step children called Heinrech and Robert (Bobby) .Heinrech married someone named Julie and had two children Esther and Nathan ( my cousins ) and bobby had twin girls called Anuk and Ualanda.

Mums mum, Maria has 2 siblings Heino see up , cornelia.  Maria married Bruce cash a very good musician and they had 2 children my mum and my uncle robin.

On my Mothers fathers side he has a sister called Diana who had 4 children , Nicholas , Virginia , Jocelyn, and Rebecca.

Nicholas had a child called Amy and is awaiting another child in about June I think

Rebecca had one child named Isabel.

I am 1/2 Japanese , 1/4 German , 1/4 British .



May 15

The wide orange crocodile that collapsed from within

my 100 word challenge

Once upon a time (about ten minutes ago)

There was a girl (me) who had a pet crocodile (cookie) .

The girl was twelve had blue hair about medium length .

The croc (cookie) was orange, wide and loved to eat.

One day after a breakfast of 8 waffles, 6 sausages, 4 rashes of bacon, 2 tins of baked beans & 5 pieces of toast.

After breakfast the crocodile said he didn’t feel so good

Suddenly they heard a loud rumbling noise coming from the crocodiles stomach. Then there was a loud boom splash as the crocodile collapsed from within.

And now my friends my croc is no more.


May 10

water scarcity

Water scarcity is the not enough available water resources to meet water needs within a region. It affects almost every continent and around 2,800,000,000 people around the world at least 1 month out of every year. More than 1,200,000,000 people don’t have access to clean drinking water.

February 27

I.C.T agreement


Tino pai ake

we encourage our children to be the best they can be .


Dear Parents/caregivers


This is Maya’s I.C.T agreement That she would like you to sign on the sheet below.


  1. Maya promises to be as confident and as capable as possible on the computer.
  2. Maya will think carefully about whether the information we see is true e.g WOW you won an Ipad would not be true.
  3. Maya will try to speak the computer language as some people don’t try and mean what they type on the internet .
  4. Maya knows that she may experience problems when she uses the devices and she must try to deal with them.
  5. Maya will use devices to communicate with other people in a good way.
  6. Maya will never purposely hurt anyone’s feelings when we are online Maya will also be honest with what she writes.
  7. Maya will not use other people’s private information like names and birthdays.
  8. If Maya’s friends or classmates have trouble online she will do our best to help them.
  9. Maya will be careful with the devices and she will not eat or drink over the devices.& she won’t eat the computer either.
  10. Maya will never give away her passwords
  11. Maya will only visit appropriate websites


I would appreciate it if you could sign below.


Thanks Maya




I have understood The agreement above.


Parent name_________________                                          Child name____________________


Parent signature______________                                           Child signature_________________


                                                                                                Child room___________